Stock Condition Surveys

Stock condition surveys are a valuable tool in the management of large scale property portfolios, and are widely used to inform a wider asset management strategy. Such strategies including the delivery of planned maintenance programmes reinvestment, capital repair and disposal.

S J Treloar & Asswestwycociates have substantial experience in developing methodologies for undertaking stock condition surveys, in administering large scale surveys of property portfolios, resourcing, auditing and managing surveyors and supervising surveys on the ground. S J Treloar & Associates are happy to work with client’s existing electronic data collection systems or to develop alternatives as required. The Practice is also happy to undertake the audit of in-house data to ensure information for the client is as relevant as possible.

For housing associations / RSL’s and other residential property providers, reliable information on the condition of property, energy ratings, Decent Homes compliance and HHSRS are essential tools required for the efficient management of a residential property portfolio. Quality data will enable an Housing Association to prioritise as required, to set future budgets, and to develop reinvestment strategies in accordance with any wider strategic objectives.

For other property providers, compliance with statutory standards might seem a straightforward requirement, however property occupied by tenants, or under a service contract are likely to be less consistent at complying with lease obligations, and early warning of non-compliance is advised. Asbestos management, Fire Risk Assessments, service contracts, and statutory inspections are all required at regular intervals, without which a client might unknowingly fail to comply with a statutory obligation.

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Clients include:

  • Shaftesbury HA
  • South Oxfordshire District Council
  • West Oxfordshire District Council
  • Addulam Homes
  • Walbrook HA
  • Sovereign HA
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