Social Housing

S J Treloar & Associates have significant experience in delivering new build and regeneration social housing schemes, whilst complying with the complex design requirements of RSL clients and local authorities. 

Image24RSLs are increasingly being more innovative in identifying development funding avenues, where HCA funding might have been previously forthcoming. The raising of funds through the bond market and recapitalising of assets are now common mechanisms for providing development finance.

Innovation and flexibility provide opportunities to look at existing stock to identify where development opportunities might exist. Rural exception schemes, estate regeneration and intensification, brownfield sites and bringing commercial property back into use might all provide RSLs with opportunities for redevelopment. S J Treloar & Associates are experienced in undertaking feasibility studies and option appraisals to identify where such opportunities might exist for social housing clients.

A traffic light system is sometimes used to identify properties failing or likely to fail the decent homes standard, or which might require substantial investment to meet the association’s wider asset management strategy. S J Treloar & Associates can assist in developing such a strategy, giving associations the opportunity to identify where new development opportunities might lie with existing stock.

Image23SJ Treloar & Associates are experienced in delivering major schemes of development on brown field sites, garage sites, or back land development where required by RSL clients. The Practice employs a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor, HQI Assessor and an Energy Assessor, and is familiar with design standards including Lifetime Homes, Schemework Development Standards, Secured By Design, and the Housing Quality Indicators (HQI).

The use of stock condition survey data can assist in identifying opportunities for reinvestment, remodelling demolition and intensification of existing stock.  S J Treloar & Associates are experienced in delivering stock condition survey information to local authorities and RSL clients, determining methodology and ensuring that relevant information which is necessary for the delivery of the wider asset management strategy is collected to meet the needs of the client.

SJ Treloar & Associates also bring a wealth of experience in respect of standards for care homes, supporting people, sheltered accommodation, hostels and houses in multiple occupation.


Schemes include:

  • Feasibility study / option appraisals, garage site, back land development.
  • Employers Agent, back land development £7m
  • Stock Condition Survey Programme. 10,000 units
  • Reinvestment programmes £6m
  • Renewable energy feasibility schemes
  • Decent Homes programmes
  • Roof recovering
  • Supported Living accommodation
  • Hostel refurbishment



Clients include:

  • Sanctuary
  • South Oxfordshire HA
  • Sovereign HA
  • Salvation Army HA
  • Shaftesbury HA
  • Oxford Citizens HA
  • Burford Charity Trustees
  • Witney Charity
  • YMCA


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