SAP Calculations and SAP Assessments

S J Treloar & Associates are able to undertake SAP calculations, both at the design stage to show compliance with Building Regulations, and at practical completion, to allow an Energy Performance Certificate to be issued for the completed new build dwelling.

SAP CalculationsTo demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations, a SAP calculation is necessary as part of a building regulation plan submission for a new build dwelling.  Data of the construction and method of heating of the proposed building is provided to an assessor who inputs the information into a BRE accredited computer software programme.  This will calculate the Dwelling Emission Rate of the actual design. The software also calculates a Target Emission Rate of a typical dwelling of matching dimensions complying with Part L of the building regulations.

Upon completion, the calculation is checked for any constructional deviances, and a second calculation undertaken to show the actual SAP calculation for the dwelling as constructed.  This then forms the Energy Performance Certificate for the property.

S J Treloar & Associates employ an accredited On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA) who can undertake a two stage process for the production of an EPC for a new build dwelling.  The assessor can gather and assess the proposal on plan, and produce a SAP assessment.  If required, the assessor can also help to advise where the design falls short, and methods of compliance.  To convert the SAP assessment into an EPC, the assessor can gather information to check that the proposed construction has taken place, and produce a final EPC for the building.

For commercial properties, these are calculated using a Simplified Building Energy Model or SBEM.  S J Treloar & Associates work closely with an SBEM assessor who can undertake data collection and computer modelling to produce the required calculations to show compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations, and the final resultant rating upon completion.

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