Project Management

projectsMany companies prefer to retain overall control of their own development schemes, but with the complexity and sophistication of current building methods, few have the capability to commit the management time and resources necessary for the successful day to day supervision of a project, supplying these services in the UK, Oxfordshire, Manchester, London etc.

While you retain ultimate control of your project, our team reduce your management workload by giving expert advice and quality information on which you can base important decisions.

From conception to completion, we assume overall responsibility for the management, design, quality and financial control of your project, aimed towards completion on time and within budget.

Typically we provide a project manager who will become the prime client contact and be responsible for:

• Developing the client brief

• Setting, monitoring, and managing targets at each phase of the project.

• Developing the procurement strategy

• Managing the budget and cash flow agreed with the client

• Managing the delivery of the project in time, cost, and quality.

The advantages of this approach over the separately appointed architect and design team leader and quantity surveyor are:

• No division of responsibility between design and cost control.

• A focus on project delivery.

• Project manager has direct control over main factors governing the project.

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