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The Party Wall Act 1996 introduced a national framework for preventing and resolving disputes when construction work is proposed that has an impact upon a boundary wall or excavations near neighbouring buildings.  Based in Witney, Oxfordshire, SJ Treloar & Associates are able to provide Party Walls Advice around Oxford and Oxfordshire provided by our specialist Party Wall Surveyor. 

Party Wall Surveyor ProjectS J Treloar & Associates have been involved in acting as building owner and adjoining owner surveyors, where works are proposed which fall within the scope of the Party Wall Act. Such works including excavations within 3m of a Party Wall, excavations up to 6m from a Party Wall, works to party structures, and works up to the Boundary line (line of junction).  All of these works are all subject to formal notice between the different owners. Mechanisms are provided to enable the appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor to act on behalf of owners and resolve disputes. Failure comply with these procedures can potentially leave a building owner exposed to a claim for compensation or damage

Usually a building owner will prepare a Schedule of Condition to record the condition of the adjoining owners property prior to works starting on site. This can then be used as a measure should there be a dispute about damage to an adjoining owners property at the end of the job. The building owners surveyor will also prepare an Award or agreement between the parties to record matters that have been agreed upon, and / or circumstances for compensation or payment of fees.

S J Treloar & Associates are able to act as the Party Wall surveyor, and can carry out all duties required by the Party Wall Act 1996. SJ Treloar & Associates can also act as an Agreed Surveyor where the same Party Wall Surveyor is used by both parties, thereby improving the flow of information between the two parties.

S J Treloar & Associates are also members of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club of Party Wall specialists.

Further information on Party Walls and the Pyramus and Thisbe club can be found here. Further information can also be found on the Governments website GOV.UK

To see how S J Treloar can help you, or to speak to our Party Wall Surveyor, please contact us on 01993 883510 or email us at

Clients include:

  • St Stephen Oxford University
  • Oxford Citizens
  • Cottsway HA
  • West Oxfordshire District Council
  • South Oxfordshire District Council
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