OJEU Consultation

Managing high value procurement projects is a complex process, and in order to get the best possible outcome for you and your residents, it is essential to utilise experienced and up to date resources to achieve your goal and full compliance.

S J Treloar & Associates has considerable experience in assisting clients in managing their OJEU procurement ranging from complex service contract agreements for grounds maintenance and cleaning services, to multi-million term building maintenance and development agreements.

S J Treloar recognise the importance of establishing good relations with both customers and service providers, and currently provide clients with a comprehensive end-to-end process management services, as well as managing specific sections of the overall process, where the client feels they have skills or a knowledge gap.

There are numerous steps in the OJEU procurement process, all of which require knowledge and experience in order to be carried out competently.  Our service covers, but is not exclusive to, the following steps:Corn Exch 1

  • Set-up Process – to establish the Client’s requirements in order to produce the most appropriate information for those wishing to tender and the most appropriate OJEU procedure to follow;
  • Transparency regarding set up costs
  • Establishing stakeholder groups and steering consultation processes
  • Potential pitfalls to address – TUPE arrangements with staff can complicate and increase costs for example
  • Post the Contract Notice
  • Management of PQQ process and scoring
  • Choice of Agreements/Contracts that best suit the chosen procurement method
  • Preparation of appropriate ITT documentation – depending on the procedure to be followed.
  • Adherence of relevant timetables to ensure full compliance;
  • Management of returned ITT documentation  including any technical and arithmetical evolutions and scoring;
  • Organisation and management of site visits and/or interviews (if applicable);
  • Issuing ‘Stand still ‘ notice having ensured compliance with the remedies directive;
  • Issuing Contract Award Notices;
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation for Signature.

If you would like to know more about how S J Treloar can help you with your OJEU obligations, please contact us on 01993 883510 or email us at enquire12@treloarassociates.co.uk

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