Employers Agent

With the increased popularity of Design and Build contracts, S J Treloar & Associates are experienced in advising and acting as Employers Agent as part of this procurement option.


 The Design and Build contract is normally selected where the client wishes to place the design responsibility to the contractor. This has a variety of benefits:

  • Adversity and conflict between the design team, and construction team is avoided, as both are appointed by the principal contractor, thereby attaining a better level of collaboration.
  • Enables better continuity between the design stage and the construction phase.
  • Aims to improve the communication process.
  • Aims to reduce time delays between design and construction processes, thereby reducing costs.

Some clients still wish to delegate parts of the management of the principal contractor to a professional organisation.  This is done by an Employers Agent.

Typically an Employers Agent undertake the following roles:

  • Producing a project execution plan.
  • Helping the client select a suitable design and build contractor.
  • Managing the briefing process.
  • Producing the Employers Requirements, which creates a set of documents defining the parameters the Design and Build contractor is to design against.
  • Implementing a change control process.

S J Treloar have been involved in a variety of Design and Build work, including the construction of new educational facilities for The Kings School, Witney


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