Design and Build

Design and Build schemes are particularly useful where the client wishes to pass the design risk to the contractor on a fixed price basis, and commence work on site as quickly as possible.  SJ Treloar & Associates are able to act as Design and Build consultants for all stages of the Design and Build process.



This model has been used extensively by S J Treloar & Associates for large scale social housing scheme development, public sector procurement of s106 community halls and the building of new schools, including the Kings School Witney.

Design and Build contracts not only reduce the design and price risk to the client, but enable works to proceed more quickly on site whilst the detailed design is being developed by the contractors design team. The method also ensures that professional services are maintained at a more competitive level, ensuring that professional fees remain contained. The client’s interests are looked after by the Employers Agent, who will sign off payments and report to the client on the quality of work being delivered by the contractor.


Formal written contracts allowing for full contractors design are available to clients wishing to use this process. S J Treloar & Associates can assist in identifying the most appropriate form of contract which will suit the client’s design requirements, whilst also mitigating risk.

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