Decent Homes Standard Surveys

In 2001 approximately 1.6 million social rented homes were designated as non-decent following the 2001 English House Condition Survey. The Government subsequently established a target to ensure that all social housing meets set standards of decency by 2010. This standard is known as the Decent Homes Standard and was applied to Housing Associations and other Residential Social Landlords (RSL). SJ Treloar & Associates are experienced in helping clients with their Decent Homes requirements including Decent Homes Surveys.

Image23A Decent Home is one that meets the following criteria:

1. Achieves the current statutory minimum standard for housing.

2. Is in a reasonable state of repair.

3. Has reasonably modern facilities and services.

4. Provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.

All social landlords will be affected by this new standard and are required to implement strategies to manage the stock and non-decency.

Registered Social Landlords are required to detail all non-decent homes in their annual regulatory returns to the Housing Corporation. They must outline their strategy for dealing with non-decent homes.

Local Authorities are required to set out how they will deliver decent homes in their Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business plan.


S J Treloar & Associates are able to provide expert advice to all social landlords on matters relating to the interpretation of legislation and standards.

We are able to undertake stock condition surveys anywhere in the UK to identify non-decent homes and provide information for asset management.


S J Treloar & Associates have established partnership arrangements with software houses to enable decent standards to be imparted into stock condition survey packages.

We are able to interrogate existing data in certain cases to provide a review of current stock in relation to decent homes standards.

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