Contract Administration

Employed as the interface between the contractor and the client, SJ Treloar & Associates are able to help clients with various contract administration duties.  This includes managing the formal building contract, interpreting client requirements, variations to the contract, design changes and financial control for the benefit of the parties to the contract. Formal building contracts incorporate provisions in respect of workmanship, payment, retentions, dispute resolution and compensation.



If it is found necessary, documents to allow subcontracts to be formed, and any collateral warranties, will be drafted.  This will enabling all the parties involved in the contract to be properly included via a formal mechanism.

In the event of something going wrong, or if one of the parties to the contract default, SJ Treloar & Associates can manage the provisions of the contract, to compensate the parties suffering the loss, or to seek redress by way of adjudication, arbitration, or other legal proceedings.

SJ Treloar & Associates can provide advice and guidance on selecting the most appropriate form of contract depending on the nature of works, and the type of contractual relations appropriate to the work.

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