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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 provide a framework for managing Health & Safety in construction. If you are about to alter or extend a building or structure, or considering a new one or demolishing an existing one, then these regulations place a number of specific duties on you.  SJ Treloar & Associates can provide CDM Consultation services to help advise clients about their duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations, as well as acting as principal designers under the 2015 Regulations

The CDM regulations were introduced to reduce construction industry accidents to protect people working or visiting construction sites from harm.

The 2015 regulations aim is to:

  • Ensure that the project is sensibly planned so that risks are managed.
  • Ensure that the right people with the correct competencies are used for the project.
  • Ensure co-operation between the different individuals, teams and companies involved with the construction project.
  • Ensure that workers and employees involved with the construction project can provide their input to improve the safe design and working practices on the project.

The 2015 regulations places responsibility on the client to ensure that the project is adequately managed, and to ensure that the work is carried out safely.  The 2015 regulations recognise that there are two types of clients:

  • Commercial clients such as businesses, partnerships, companies, and housing associations.
  • Domestic Clients such as private individuals undertaking work to their family home.  The CDM 2015 regulations does not require domestic clients to carry out client duties as these normally pass to other dutyholders.

The 2015 regulations has removed the role of the CDM co-ordinator who previously managed and oversaw the checking and co-ordination of Health and Safety information for the project.  This is now dealt with by the Principal Designer.

The Principal designer can be an Architect, Consultant Engineer or Quantity Surveyor who can demonstrate their competency on Health and Safety in construction.  Their role is to ensure that the design removes any Health and Safety risks, to plan, manage and monitor Health and Safety during the construction phase, and to ensure that the HSE are notified of the works if certain thresholds are exceeded.  They shall also manage the pre-construction information to be provided to the tendering contractors before work starts, check the contractors Construction Phase Health and Safety plan, and check the Health and Safety file upon completion of the project.

The Principal Contractor is appointed by the client to manage the construction works on site.  For small projects, this may be the main contractor on site. Their duty is to ensure that while work is on site, it is carried out safety in accordance with the safe working methods agreed, and that any changes required due to unforeseen events are agreed with all duty holders before work continues.

It is important that the competency of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor be checked.  SJ Treloar & Associates are members of the Association of Project Safety, therefore demonstrating our ability to act as Principal Designers, together with helping clients fulfil their role under the CDM 2015 regulations.

It is also important that everyone is aware of their duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations.  SJ Treloar & Associates can provide CDM Consultation services to help clients meet their obligations.  This is important as failure to comply with the regulations is a criminal offence and duty holders can face prosecution.

CDM Consultation services

SJ Treloar & Associates are corporate members of the Association for Project Safety. Our highly experienced and qualified CDM specialists are able to advise on health and safety matters relating to construction projects and are able to provide;

CDM Consultation – For duty holders who wish to ensure that their obligation sunder the CDM 2015 regulations are met.

Project Safety Advice – For duty holders with limited experience and/or resources for a project.

Resources – Instant access to latest information and links to available legislation, guidance and codes of practice to assist with compliance.

If everyone involved in your project complies with the CDM Regulations, they will help you to:

  • Reduce costs, delays and bad publicity resulting from accidents or ill health
  • Make sure that cleaning, maintenance and repair issues have been thought through
  • Provide useful information for the maintenance and future development of the building/structure
  • Appoint or engage people and organisations that are competent and capable of carrying out the work they have to do and are adequately resourced


If you are unsure about your duties under the CDM 2015 regulations, or require any CDM consultation services, then please contact SJ Treloar & Associates on 01993 883510

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