Building Survey

Whether buying a house, or simply planning to obtain expert opinion on the condition of a property, SJ Treloar & Associates are an experienced firm of Chartered Building Surveyors able to provide a building survey in and around Witney, Burford, Carterton, and Oxford.  Supported by a programme of continuous professional development, and regulated by the RICS, chartered surveyors will be able provide advice and recommendations on building defects identified.

Building SurveyMany property defects would not necessarily be obvious to the lay person and for this reason a building survey may provide a useful insight into problems likely to be associated with a property. For example identification of invasive plant species and tree roots, affecting foundations and drainage, the presence of deleterious materials such as asbestos and woodwool slabs, the presence of wet and dry rot, woodboring insects or major structural defects, such as roof spread and wall tie failure, would be items all picked up by a building survey.

A building survey might also assist in providing an opinion regarding alterations carried out to a property, for example where a dividing wall has been removed between two ground floor reception rooms.

Following the publication of a building survey report, SJ Treloar & Associates are available to talk through the results of the chartered surveyors findings, observations, and recommendations in order to assist a client to determine some of the options which might be available.

Where purchasing a property, such advice and the advice of a solicitor should always be obtained before proceeding to purchase.

To speak to a Chartered Surveyor to see how S J Treloar can help you, please contact us on 01993 883510 or email us at

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